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My Babylon 5 Image Page

Last modified on 09.10.2002 14:00
Click on thumbnails to get a full 1024 x 768 image. If enough people wanted it, I could perhaps add a 800 x 600 image section, too - there's like hundreds of very good pics for that resolution. Only, I don't think that many people are using that resolution anymore - and besides, creating a huge image gallery of good pics would take too much space, bandwidth and effort for just a few guys still using 800 x 600.

Incredibly beautifully rendered pics by Lee Hutchinson: (spoiling links)

Zeta Squadron
Narn Cruiser
White Star
White Star
Babylon 5

Some rendered images collected from Internet, most of them converted from 800x600 to 1024x768.
Shadow ship and White Star #1 from Babylon 5 Design Competition (spoilers), both made by Michael Pelletier.
White Star #2 and Hyperion-class cruiser from Wombat Control (spoilers).
B5 #1 and #2 by Lee Hutchinson (spoiling links).

Shadow Ship firing
White Star
White Star
Hyperion + Star Furies
The Dark Side of B5
Babylon 5

Some CGI images, from Welcome to Babylon 5 Animations (spoilers).

White Star during a jump
White Star speeding out
Agrippa and Agamemnon
B5 on Epsilon 3

Some new CGI images, from Desktop Starships (spoilers). At least some of them are by Brent Schmidt (Desktop Starship does not credit people).

Agamemnon closeup
B5 and Whitestars
Whitestars jumping
B5 and ships
The Long March

More stunning pics (from the series, not CGI) can be found at Sami-Pekka Haavisto's pages below:

Nifty little utils (freeware):
Transparent Icons 4.2 (download, 55k)

Note the difference:
Transparent iconNon-transparent icon

Please also note that Transparent doesn't work well with Active Desktop (used in Win95 + MSIE4.0 and Win98 by default). Please note that it can still be disabled if you wish, just uncheck Display Properties - Web - View my Active Desktop as a Web Page. Also, to be able to do that, the wallpaper you're using can't be in JPG format - try BMP instead.

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